The Great Unknown

from Long Story Short (Remastered) by The Phosphenes



You say that you love me
But I don’t know what you mean (I just don’t know)
You say you’re thinking of me
But your thoughts are unseen (They just don’t show)
I get under your skin, I know, is it a virtue or a sin?
I just don’t know, you just don’t know

You smile when you see me
But I don’t know what’s beneath (I just don’t know)
Your face is beaming
But are you clenching your teeth? (It just don’t show)
You’re feeling alright, I know, but is it our last night?
I just don’t know, you just don’t know

I am the great unknown, that much you have shown
You are the great don’t know, that much I know
But I don’t know what to do

You say you want me and I know you do
(I want you too)
I wonder what you’ll do with me
But I haven’t a clue (It’s up to you)
I really make you smile, I know, but is it all worthwhile?
I just don’t know, you just don’t know


from Long Story Short (Remastered), released January 26, 2020
Lyrics and music by Dean Lombard
Copyright 2001


all rights reserved



The Phosphenes Melbourne, Australia

The Phosphenes create imperfect three-minute pop songs from a standard dysfunctional rock line-up (with added harmonica for your convenience) that - replete with catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms, armed with poignant and quirky humour, and dripping in vocal harmonies - stick in your head and get you out of your chair. ... more

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